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Wedding Cake

 Your wedding cake is more than just a sweet treat for you and your guests. Cutting the wedding cake is one of the important moments of your big day, so the first task you will perform together as husband and wife. Cakes will also play one of the most important decorative role on your wedding reception.

It's advisable to book your caterer at least six months before your big day, because it will give you plenty of time to choose the perfect design to compliment your wedding theme - and cake makers plenty of time to make it. When it comes to choosing your design there are many designs, flavors and styles to choose from.

Determine the flavor of your cake is a key point and most say vanilla is a safe and popular choice as well. If your budget allows for it you can consider alternative flavors such as chocolate or something exotic like passion fruit or banana. Our top tip for keeping everyone happy is if your cake in tiers, to have each level representing a different flavor. You can even mix and match the level of sponge cake with fruit such levels when they are not covered with fondant icing will know until the cake is cut.

Another tip if you are having a fantastic wedding with many guests is to consider the form of cakes - square wedding cake to serve guests more than one round will be. Decorate the cake with real flowers are a nice touch rather than the edible decorative as this would be more cost effective than the time it takes for your cake maker to make this elaborate decoration.

Before finalizing your decision on the cake is best to contact the manufacturer of the cake and check that nothing unexpected hidden costs; final price agreed will include essential items such as cake stands, ladder, cutters and cake toppers? It's also important to check whether your cake maker will charge an additional fee to give you cake. A nice touch to cut the cake is to buy a personalized cake knife and server that will also act as a wonderful keepsake gift. It's important to consider the worst-case scenario that your cake could be damaged during transit to the area so it's important to know that whoever is providing your cake will be able to do last-minute adjustments and minor repairs if necessary.

If you're looking for something a little different from the traditional wedding cake, then consider a popular choice that other brides have such a cake stand cupcakes, profiteroles or mini-tower desert variety. If you are looking for an unusual alternative to even the advanced options in the level of cheese is an option!

Design options are endless and your cake maker will not hesitate to build a portfolio of cakes they have made to help you decide. A good cake maker will make your dreams come true, so spend some time searching the internet and wedding magazines for ideas and extra details and finishes.
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